Mission Field
Mark 16:15:  And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Following the calling upon his life Apostle Keith Barr has travelled around the world and ministered to the lost.  From Africa to the Philippines, Puerto Rico to Pakistan, from Indian reservations in Alberta Canada to Guatemala. 
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Guatemala Tanzania
Last year the Lord spoke and we are now heading to Tanzania at the end of the month of January.  Elijah's success was reliant on his burden for the children of Israel.  Because he got up under the burden God showed up on the scene and proved that "God is God".  If you have a burden the the lost souls in Africa then please help us bring revival.
Right now Apostle Bar has over 18 invitations around the world to minister but as much as he would love to go all over the world he can't do it alone.  Help us reach the nations today!
In 2005 Apostle Barr came to the island of Mindano in the Philippines.  Alongside him were his four oldest children  The Barrs.  For two weeks we travelled an ministered to other ministers on the island.  We have since then received the report that many pastors were inspired because they were now working with their own families in the ministry. 
A great move of God is occurring in Pakistan.  This predominantly Muslim country is experiencing revival.  The location is filled to capacity with over 20,000 to 30,000 meet every Wed night in Lahore.  We don't have room to accommodate all those that desire to come.  Earlier this year they had a crusade at a soccer stadium where over 200,000 people attended.  The government will no longer allow us to rent the government owned stadiums.  We want to buy some property and build our own facility that will hold over 200,000 to 300,000 people and reach all of Pakistan and touch all of Asia. 

On Sunday Bro. Barr and Bro Fazal baptized hundreds in water. Bro. Barr also met with many top leaders in Pakistan including members of Parliament, police and government officials and leading religious leaders including the top Muslim leaders in Pakistan.
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