Woman healed of Deformed Lung
During a sunday service in detroit Apostle Keith Barr prayed for this young woman that suffered from a deformed lung. watch as this miracle takes place
Man Healed of Diabetes
At a previous service last year Bro. Collins came up for prayer concerning his diabetes. He is now testifing that since prayer he has been taken off medication and has had normal levels of blood pressure. Watch and listen as he gives god all the praise
Bro Mark Healed from a gunshot wound injury
Mark a driveby shooting victim with horrific scars had limited mobility in his left arm after he was shot with a hollow tip 38. Much of his arm was blown out and he has the scars to show it that you will see in this video. When Apostle Barr prays for him he is instantly healed.
Healing testimonies from Pheonix
Miracles of healing testimonies from People healed in Phoenix Arizona in 2004
Yolanda McKenzie Healed of endometriosis
During the first week of revival Yolanda came up for prayer. the lining of her uterus was breaking off and sticking to her other organs. After prayer she has been healed. You still have time to come to the revival in Highland Park on 15 Ferris, five blocks south of McNichols and woodward @Redeemed Christian Fellowship where the host pastor is Bishop Alphanso Smith
Miracle Healing Service in Ann Arbor
Part 1 the first of a 4 part clip that shows many people healed of different diseases such as sinus pain
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Healed of Herniated disc
Mother and grandmother testify of this baby being instantly healed of hernia she had since birth. She was immediately healed when Apostle Barr prayed for her
Man Healed of Agent Orange.
Roger Palmer former Vietnam Vet decorated bronze star hero not only came home with wounds from enemy gunfire but also Agent Orange. He suffered with it for over 30 years until Apostle Barr prayed from Him and he was instantly healed to the amazement of the doctors treating him at the Veterans Administration in Detroit.