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Revival In Mexico!!!

 I have been commissioned to go to Mexico to preach the Gospel and work with local churches there to bring about revival.  Mexico is one of the few nations that has never had a revival.  We are going to change that.  The U.S. has had many revivals.  In the great revival of 1831 they had 30,000 new converts a week.   Over the next several weeks we wish to win to Christ   We will preach the gospel, having healing and miracle services that will cause many to believe.

Mexico has many problems including mass kidnappings, murder, corruption and much widespread violence caused by the drug cartels.  These problems are spilling over into the U.S. as more and more illegals cross over our pourous borders.  

Your gifts will help us win many souls.  They will help us pay for airfare, food, lodging and equipment for my team and myself.  Please help us with your generous gift today.

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Amazing Scientific Secrets Of the Bible  
There are those who have questioned the Bible’s authenticity. They question its inerrancy and they question should it be taken literally. There will be some statements that I will give that a reasonable person may disagree with the meaning.  Yet most of them if taken literally are so precise that there is can be no ambiguity as to their meaning.  Some of these statements may be argued that the evidence for them is circumstantial.  However we will give you so much evidence that any reasonable person must conclude that the these statements are divinely inspired.
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